Handmade jewelry for the vibrantly quirky.

Welcome to Poptone, a collection of quirky and colorful jewelry hand crafted in Portland, Oregon.

poptone earrings

Looking for quirky, quality, handmade jewelry for your boutique, bookstore, or museum gift shop?

Buy cute food earrings.

Support Feeding America.

$5 from every sale of food-themed jewelry will be donated to the Feeding America COVID-19 relief fund.

Introducing the Spring 2020 Collection

A wearable nature's field guide.

2020 Spring Collection

A wearable nature's field guide.

Science themed earrings
Art + Science Collection

Ms. Frizzle would be proud.

Fruit and veggie stud earrings
Fruit + Veggie Collection

Delightfully tasty gems.


Caitlin Kastner

Originally from the Midwest, Caitlin Kastner studied design in Manhattan, Kansas. After a few years working in the advertising and non-profit worlds she eventually made her way to Portland, OR  where she lives and works as a jewelry designer alongside her husband, baby girl, and fluffy K-9, Gromit. Poptone is a line of playful handmade jewelry, ever-seeking the quirky and joyful. It began in 2016 as a experimental side project and eventually became a delightful jewelry collection sold in boutiques, indie book stores, and museums across the United States. A combination of tiny hand-drawn artwork, transparent plastic, and resin gives the collection a unique and colorful three-dimensional style.


"I bought these as a gift for my sister in law in the Portland airport during a lay over. She lost one and was so bummed. Luckily, I found them here and replaced them and she is stocked. They are totally cool!"



The earrings were amazing and arrived in lovely colorful gift wrapping. They were a bday present for a friend and were an absolute hit! I’m sure I’ll be ordering more.



I really like these earrings and I get a lot of compliments on them! The titanium posts are great; I'm very sensitive to some metals and these don't irritate me at all.



These earrings are so pretty— my daughter gasped when she saw them! She’s had them in for several days with no issues. The unicorns are probably going to find their way here too! Love your handmade art.



The cutest earrings ever! Shopping and shipping was a breeze.


Avocado earrings


"Adorable earrings! I always get compliments when I wear them :)"



These are super cute, the size is perfect. I bought them for a friend who loves gardening and she is in love.

Looks more beautiful than in the picture!


Potted Cactus Stud Earrings


I cannot get over how absolutely BEAUTIFUL these earrings are!! The picture doesn't do them justice..!! I highly recommend the seller and her gorgeous creations.. :))


Maple and Oak leaf stud earrings